Bizzo lives at the store and is a very large tomcat whose body shape is consistent with Pixiebobs, a hybrid of American Shorthair and Bobcat with the extra stomach of a Bobcat. He is a pro at feline meditation.


The award winning, international Australian band Spiral Dance performed a dynamic concert of Pagan song and music on the front porch of the store to an enthusiastic audience seated on the front lawn.(photo courtesy of Torre', psychic medium of Cassadaga)


Ann, Christopher Penczak, and Xyn in front of the "stone room" fireplace in the store.
Author Christopher Penczak came to Luna Sol Esoterica for a champagne book signing and presented his workshop, "Witches and Faeries" followed by a meditation to meet your Faerie Guide.


Ann, Ellen Dugan, and Xyn in front of the "herb room" fireplace when Ellen presented her workshop on Magical Herbalism followed by a champagne book signing.


Xyn, Christopher Penczak, and Ann after his 2017 book signing and workshop on Plant Spirit Familiars at Luna Sol Esoterica


NOVEMBER 18 -- Saturday (2pm - 5pm) -- LEARNING TO READ TAROT CARDS with ANN MOURA -- THIS CLASS IS FULL -- WILL BE PRESENTED AGAIN IN EARLY 2018 -- Learn about the Major and Minor Arcana cards, the suits of the Minor, Multiples, and Spreads in this 3 hour class. Bring your own 78 card Tarot deck (not Oracle decks) or purchase one at the shop. To save time, have your Minor Arcana cards separated into the stack by suit (disks, swords, rods, cups) and Major Arcana (O and 1 - 21). Bring note taking materials and a beverage to stay hydrated. Class practice sessions will be included. Class size limited. Prepaid registration required. $35.00 at store or by phone with card at 321-363-4883 during store hours.

NOVEMBER 22 -- Wednesday -- PRIVATE PSYCHIC READINGS with TORRE' -- BY PREPAID APPOINTMENT for Readings with Cards, Palmistry, Past Lives, Chakra Balancing, Healing, and Mediumship Reserve your time by calling her at 321-439-3073 or the store at 321-363-4883. ($50 for 30 minute reading; $75 for 45 minute reading; $100 for 1 hour reading; and $120 for couples 1 hour reading.)


NOVEMBER 30 -- Thursday -- PRIVATE PSYCHIC READINGS with TORRE' -- BY PREPAID APPOINTMENT for Readings with Cards, Palmistry, Past Lives, Chakra Balancing, Healing, and Mediumship Reserve your time by calling her at 321-439-3073 or the store at 321-363-4883. ($50 for 30 minute reading; $75 for 45 minute reading; $100 for 1 hour reading; and $120 for couples 1 hour reading.)


HEALING ENERGY WORK ($40/30 min.): REIKI MASTER WAYNE LEE with Reiki, Crystal Bowl Reiki, Drumming Reiki, and Shamanism;

READERS ($20/15 min.): Tarot with ALARIS; Numerology with KINOHANA; Runes/Tarot/Past Life with LORD MORPHEUS; Palmistry/Tarot/Past Life with Psychic Medium TORRE', Astrology with WENDY.

YULE SABBAT RITUAL at 1pm: presented by Ann Moura -- Celebrating the birth of the God at the Winter Solstice. (Donation).

VENDORS: Want to vend? Contact store at 321-363-4883 to reserve your place on the porch!


This course will cover learning the three symbols of Reiki, how to use them in a Reiki session, and practicing their use so the student will feel comfortable about using the symbols outside of class. Japanese Reiki techniques explored include Gassho, Reiji Ho, Chiryo, and Gyoshi Ho (using the eyes to send Reiki), as well as Koki Ho (using breath). Attunements for the Second Degree will be given, as well as a Certificate of Completion. ($200 at the store or by phone with card at 321-363-4883)


The eight Sabbat Rituals of the year are child friendly and are presented at 1pm. There is no charge (although donations are certainly appreciated). These Sabbat celebrations include day long festivals with vendors, readers, and healers from 10am to 6pm. Seating is available at Ritual; casual attire is fine. For details about each Sabbat, check the listing by date below, or call the store at 321-363-4883.

YULE -- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16 -- Ritual at 1pm presented by Ann Moura, Celebrating the Winter Solstice and Birth of the God.

Coven of the Goddess Moon has presented a number of the Sabbat Rituals at Luna Sol Esoterica. This photo is from an Ostara Sabbat. Many thanks, hugs, and love go to Lord Morpheus and Lady Danu and the members of their Coven who have so kindly prepared and presented beautiful rituals! At the Coven's Ostara Altar are Ann (in center), Lord Mage Morpheus on the left, and Lady Queen Danu on the right. The Dropa Skulls graced the Altar for the ritual, compliments of their caretaker, Shaman Jeff (not in picture).

This is from a Mabon Sabbat presented by Coven of the Goddess Moon. The Dropa Skulls were placed on the Altar for the ritual by their caretaker, Shaman Jeff, at the right.

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WAYNE LEE, can be contacted directly for Reiki appointments and scheduling a class. He is a certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master, Holy Fire Karuna(TradeMark) Master, Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki VII Master. He has been using Reiki for healings since 1999 and teaching all levels of Reiki since 2010.

Master Wayne Lee offers Reiki, Aura Clearings, Crystal Healing, and Chakra Balancing BY APPOINTMENT ($40.00 per half hour).

Contact him direct to make arrangements at 352-445-7687 or at wayneleereiki3@yahoo.com for Appointments or to be placed on a Class List for Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III, or call the store at 321-363-4883.

Those who have taken Reiki I and wish to continue with Reiki II, should bring their Reiki I certificate. Reiki I is $85. Reiki II is $150, and Reiki III is $225. Reiki I and II can be taken in one day by appointment for $230.

Wayne is also a regular healer at Luna Sol Esoterica store festivals, doing Reiki, Crystal Bowl Reiki, and Drumming Reiki. He is most highly recommended by Ann Moura, who has taken Reiki I through Reiki III from him, as well as the Karuna (Trade Mark) Reiki course.

SHIREEN AL-BUSAIDY, Reiki Master, is available for Arcing Light Healing at the store by appointment.(cost $60 for 30 minutes; $120 for 60 minutes). Willing to teach others her technique, Shireen will train you to be an Arcing Light Healer with a 2 day course, one on one.(cost $250). From this point, she can teach you to be a teacher of Arcing Light Healing with another 2 day course, one on one (cost $200). For healing or class appointments, contact Luna Sol Esoterica at 321-363-4883.

TORRE', is a Professional Medium, Tarot Reader, Palmist, Intuitive Reader, Past Life Reader, member of IAM (International Association of Metaphysics), and Psychic Reader and presenter at the Cassadaga Hotel in Cassadaga, Florida. She reads at Luna Sol Esoterica on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday and on the 1st and 3rd Thursday by appointment ($50 for 30 minute reading,$75 for 45 minute reading, $100 for 1 hour reading, and $120 for couples 1 hour reading).

Torre' can be scheduled for a personal Chakra Clearing, alignment, and re-balancing also by appointment. This is an intense session and well worth it for removing the blockages and damages in your Chakras that can stifle your spiritual, mental, and physical well being ($95 for 1 hour session). Past Life Regression and Healing $120 for 1 1/2 hour session. Torre' is a regular, HIGHLY ACCLAIMED psychic at Luna Sol Esoterica where she does readings, channeling, and more! She teaches classes on a variety of psychic and spiritual topics with the expertise formed from personal experience and training. Her Messages From Spirit sittings open the channels of communication with Spirit and loved ones who across the veil, and everyone is guaranteed a message. Schedule an appointment with her by calling the store at 321-363-4883, or contact her direct at 321-439-3073.

ALARIS, Channeling Tarot Reader, is an intuitive tarot reader who channels spirits and angels. In addition to tarot readings, she also does past life readings, creates talismans, amulets, and conducts positive energy spell work. Many people appreciate spells for prosperity, love, health and many other uses. Talismans and amulets draw positive energy or repel negative ones. These are typically fashioned from tarot cards, seals, sigils, and other tools. Call store at 321-363-4883 to arrange a private session. ($40/half hour)

KINOHANA, Numerologist, practices Egyptian Numerology. This is an ancient discipline used to decode the soul's blueprint housed within the birth name and date. Before incarnating, the soul carefully selects its date of arrival and name which encodes the soul's own unique life path, purpose, and gifts, as well as challenges to be transcended. It is useful for compatibility between partners, career, discovering what you are on this earth to do and more. Call store at 321-363-4883 to arrange a private session. ($75/45minutes)

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